Thoughts on “Best Years”

Honestly, this movie was too serious and well-handled for me to consider snarking through. The only thing I noticed that was weird, but irrelevant, was that Homer’s ribbons weren’t right. He had all of the appropriate decorations, but his American Campaign Medal was placed before his Asiatic/Pacific Campaign Medal. Mary Quinn said that she had heard that filmmakers weren’t allowed to use 100% accurate military uniforms because in many cases the actors weren’t actual service members, or didn’t earn the same decorations as their characters, so they would find one very small detail to change or flip so the uniform was 99.99% right instead of 100%. I’m not sure whether that’s true, or is the reason for this particular switch, but it’s a cool trivia bit anyway.

Oh my darling Clementine

So first off, this movie is based on a screenplay, which is based on an account, which is based on a “biography.” This film is closer to Kevin Bacon than it is to Wyatt Earp. Secondly, clothes, really, why? Was the wardrobe team from ‘Gone with the Wind’ having a garage sale? Thirdly, what is Wyatt Earp doing running cattle on a cheap Chisholm Trail knockoff through Monument Valley? I was honestly expecting every trope in the book, but was surprised to find that there was no Hooker With a Heart of Gold, although that was probably because there weren’t any actual hookers, just a lounge singer in a bad stereotype they called a sombrero sticking her leg on a table once.

Glory, Hallelujah!

I did have a battle today, that wasn’t bull****. It was against the Southern secessionists. Now, I’m not Southern, I don’t plan on being Southern, so who gives a crap if they’re secessionist? They could be fascist anarchists for all I care, it still doesn’t change the fact that I don’t own a horse.

Oh Fiddle dee dee!

There is a quitting time for working in the fields?

Rhett Butler—best timing ever!

Let me save my parrot as I flee Atlanta!

Rhett…why did you have to break my heart and join the army? At the most random time ever?

Insert happy cheery rainbow

And the clouds part ever so perfectly

I’m just going to run up to the house, let me leave the woman that just had a baby and the baby in the buggie….brb

Love that the overlay starts on the fire

Seriously who does Ashley love? I would have punched him in the face by now….

Never have I seen a woman that can manipulate men better than Scarlet… I tip my hat to her

So all of her fake husbands are killed? More drama that way?

Every time that you think she has grown, she just turns out to be an immature child

This love story is worse than a Midsummer’s Night Dream!

Are we going to kill everyone off?

We had to sit through a 4 hour movie that depicts the Civil War from start to finish, just for her to learn a lesson and she can’t even keep her man?!?!?!!!

“It’s the mist from your dreams child!!!” (said in the voice of Grandmother Willow)

Concert and a Movie (Glory) Tonight – 9/28

I know it’s a week early and SUPER short notice – but Andrew McKnight – a great folk musician, is playing a concert TONIGHT at the Shenandoah Museum in Winchester before the screening of next week’s film, Glory. If you’re looking for something to do tonight, check it out! Andrew will perform from 7 to 8.

If you want to check out Andrew’s music, go to his site and have a listen!

Here is a link that will tell you a little more about the tonight’s event.

Thoughts on Amistad

Just nitpicking, but Cinque certainly did seem to know an awful lot about celestial navigation. Enough to attack the Spaniards and turn the ship east in the middle of the night…

That was one snazzy dome on the Capitol there in 1839… and to think all those Civil War era photos had me thinking it wasn’t finished until AFTER 1865! Silly me!

Wait, so you mean that people of color are actually shown as intelligent, developed characters with un-stilted dialogue and actual opinions? Wow.

Again with the gun problems, but in the liberation of the slave fortress, one guy’s hammer didn’t even fall when he pulled the trigger. It makes me miss Last of the Mohicans (Pennsylvania long rifle, in fairly common use by 1730, btw!)


Tweets from Amistad

Any scene is more dramatic in the rain…

Let me sneak by your dinner party unnoticed…on a ship…full of captured African people…..

JQA…my hero…catching a cat nap but still paying attention

Someone is horribly off key…

Was the professor meant to be portrayed as an idiot?

A handshake and now they magical think the same thoughts?? I think that I like the magic swirling leaves better…(no bias at all…..)

So they tried it twice in the same court with 2 different judges and then they skipped a court and jump to the Supreme Court

The Patriot tweets (except on a blog)

Susan: I shake my head at you and your inability to make a rocking chair

Because anyone can run into a burning building, get exactly what they need and not get stopped by a hot spot. Totally normal

Aren’t there too many continental soldiers in the first battle scene?

Col. Tavington: Let me kill everyone because I have no money at home in England

Cornwallis: (looking at the lady) Are you really that dumb? Col. Tavington: Waiter! Another drink please!

Beach=Swamp…those 2 places are interchangeable right?

While I die because I have been shot, let me forget about the pain and throw this gun to you with perfect timing.

How many toy soldiers did that kid have? Enough to last through the war?

Die well dressed. Words to live by

When did the dogs get back? He calls them from the fort and then they disappear and then come back right at the end???

When did she have a kid???


A Movie is Chosen

In late breaking news, UMW Senior Sara Gross, an American Studies major, finally chose a movie on which to base her HIST329 semester project. Gross initially indicated a desire to analyze the 1992 favorite, A League of Their Own, but failure to find ample scholarly examination of the film forced the determined student to redirect her search. She wanted to avoid movies with a military background, saying that she’d “been there, done that,” so she turned her attention elsewhere. After an exhaustive search of UMW’s legendary Academic Complete database, Gross delightedly reported “a butt ton” of adequate sources for Robert Redford’s 1994 film, Quiz Show. Kudos to Jim Groom for providing such an awesome search too.

More details on this breaking news will be published as the story unfolds.

Bibliography due for Sept 13th

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